Our Values


We believe that prevention is better than cure. We enable our patients to take control of their own dental health care and help protect them from problems in the future.  We feel passionate that achieving and maintaining good dental health is the corner stone to good dentistry.  This helps ensure that:

1. You keep your teeth and gums healthy for as long as possible

2. Your mouth is comfortable and pain free

3. You can eat with confidence and enjoy food

4. Any dental work that is carried out lasts as long as possible protecting the investment you have made in your oral health


We offer a wide range of solutions to enhance and improve your smile.  This could range from simple tooth whitening to specialist orthodontics (tooth straightening) or replacement of missing teeth and smile design treatment.  We always take time to listen carefully to your needs so that we can find the best solution to achieve the results that you want.


Our aim is to enable patients to have the smile they desire and to restore function to enable them to enjoy life to the full. Even if you have been told that treatment is not possible, our advanced training and expertise means that we can regularly find solutions to replace missing teeth and restore and improve your smile.  As a multispecialist practice we have everbody under one roof and can offer a wide range of specialist treatment options.  Unlike other single speciality practices we have easy access to all dental treatments and therapies so that we can find the best solution to fit your needs.