Help us raise money for Brain Cancer Awareness Month

Raise Money For Brain Cancer

March is Brain Cancer Awareness Month, so once again, we donned our bandanas for our 5th annual ‘Bandanas for Brain Tumours’ fundraising event.

Every year, we raise money for The Brain Tumour Charity to celebrate the life of our dental therapist and hygienist Julie Petersen’s husband, Andy. Andy was diagnosed in 2005 after suffering fatigue and headaches. He fought the brain tumour for three years, undergoing numerous treatments, but sadly passed away when he was just 38 years old. In the years since, Julie has raised over £12,000 for the Brain Tumour Charity.

Nick Ross, our partner, says, “Over the last few years, ‘Bandanas for Brain Tumours’ has become a staple in the City Bridge calendar. In everyday practice, we are always on the look out for oral problems that might be an indicator of serious oral conditions, such as cancer, so we’re pleased to get involved in fundraising for the biggest cancer killer of children and adults under 40.”

Julie says, “I am delighted that my City Bridge colleagues help me support a cause so close to my heart by wearing bandanas and donating every year. While it may seem like just a bit of fun, just 2% of cancer funds are spent on research towards brain cancer, so fundraising activities like these raise all-important funds and awareness, which are vital to combating this disease.”

So, what do you need to look out for to spot a brain tumour?

Julie said, “In the early stages, brain tumours can be difficult to identify as initial symptoms can often appear harmless and mimic other conditions. If you suffer from frequent headaches or fatigue, don’t ignore it. Book in an appointment with your GP. The sooner a tumour is diagnosed, the better the chance of survival.”

We will be continuing to collect money throughout March as part of Brain Tumour Awareness month. Donate by visiting City Bridge Dental Care at 24 Bridge Street, Winchester.