Specialist Orthodontist, Dr. Ahmed El-Angbawi, joins the team

With John Scannell leaving us to spend time with his family, we were delighted to welcome a new Specialist Orthodontist to our team earlier this year.

Dr. Ahmed El-Angbawi holds a PhD in Orthodontics and is one of the UK’s foremost experts in faster orthodontic treatments. In addition to extensive experience treating adults and children in hospital and general practice, he is a published academic and he lectures orthodontics students at two universities.

Ahmed can provide a range of treatments, including invisible braces, clear braces and removable braces, and owing to his expertise, he can often complete treatment in under a year and without removing teeth. Find out more about his qualifications and expertise by reading his staff biography.

Nick Ross, partner at the Bridge Street practice, said, “Ahmed is a perfect fit for City Bridge Dental. In addition to his excellent qualifications and academic background, his patient-centric approach will ensure all our patients get the friendly, tailored care they expect. We are excited to have him on board and to bring the benefits of his experience to Winchester.”

Ahmed said, “I am delighted to be joining the fantastic team at City Bridge Dental. The practice sets itself apart with its holistic approach to care and the fact that it offers all specialist services under one roof. This means I will be able to provide more effective treatment and will allow for some very sophisticated techniques, such as combining orthodontics with implantology.”

Are you looking for an orthodontist? Book a complimentary initial consultation with Ahmed by calling 01962 852737 or visit our Orthodontics page.