Root canal treatment is carried out when the pulp (soft tissue inside a tooth) is either inflamed or dead. The pulp is a tissue made up of nerves, connective tissue and blood vessels.

Pulp may become inflamed or may die if either there is significant decay in a tooth, if there is a large restoration (filling or crown) or if the tooth has been subjected to trauma.

Root Canal Treatment: Myths and Misconceptions

1. ‘Root Canal Treatment is Painful’ – False

Truth: Root canal treatment does not cause pain, it relieves pain.
Today, with the latest techniques and anaesthetics, root canal treatment is no more uncomfortable than having a filling placed.

2. ‘Root Canal Treatment Does Not Work’ – False

Truth: Studies indicate success rates of 90% to 95% for root canal treatments done by specialist endodontists.

3. ‘A Good Alternative to Root Canal Treatment is Extraction’ – False

Truth: Extraction of teeth can lead to further dental problems due to the stress and overloading remaining teeth. Treatment to replace extracted teeth can be time consuming and expensive.