Advanced Treatment

Latest Technology

At City Bridge we use the latest technological advances in dentistry to provide the highest quality of treatment possible. The advantages of this are quicker treatment, faster healing and exceptional results. 

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Advanced 3D Scanner

Using the latest 3D imagining technology we plan and perform a variety of high quality dental treatments, including Dental Implants.


The VELscope offers and painless and non-invasive way to screen for abnormal tissue in the mouth, denting the pre-pre-malignent changes associated with oral cancers.


Cerec is a unique product in dentistry allowing the dentist to assess, design and prepare perfectly fitted ceramic (porcelain) restorations in one visit.

Digital x-rays

Digital x-rays can produce high quality images which can be enlarged for a better visual of the tooth's structure allowing your dentist to see small cavities more easily.

The Wand

The wand is our cutting edge, painless infection system offered as standard, so all patients can feel confident they will receive comfortable, pain-free treatment.


Having white teeth is not the only factor to consider. Laser gum recontouring is a procedure that can correct gum problems and improve oral health and smiles.


With our microscopes potential problems can be identified earlier than with conventional techniques. This reduces the risk of removal of excessive teeth tissue. 


Our Piezosurgery tool gives the best surgical precision. This reduces trauma to soft tissue and gums and promotes faster healing.

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