Dental sedation

Sedation Dentistry is an ideal solution for those of us who suffer from dental phobia. It is used by dentists to perform dental treatment on patients in a stress and worry free way, and helps many patients overcome their fear of visiting the dentist.

It’s important to be aware of sedation dentistry if you suffer from dental phobia, because neglecting your teeth and not visiting the dentist can have harmful lasting effects to your oral health, which can often result in more complicated and expensive treatment.

Sedation dentistry has many great benefits for sufferers of dental phobia:

  • It allows the patient to visit their dentist without any pre-visit nerves and allows the dentist to complete the course of treatment in fewer visits than they would normally be able to do so.
  • Sedation dentistry can be used for any kind of dental treatment allowing patients with different types of dental phobia to relax and not have to suffer the usual apprehension which they experience when visiting the dentist.
  • Patients that have conditions which make controlling their body movements difficult such as Parkinson’s disease or who have gag reflexes that make controlling their mouth stressful, will also benefit from sedation dentistry and the physical and mental relaxation that it gives to the patient.

There are numerous benefits of sedation dentistry for both the patient and dentist.  The patient can experience a freedom from their past fear and apprehension of the dentist and become confident in the dental environment. For the dentist it often means that treatment can be carried out to the highest standard rather than limiting treatment options to simple or emergency treatment.

Mark and Nick are highly trained in conscious sedation techniques and also work with a team of consultant anaesthetists from Southampton Hospital.

Dr Mark Aston is a Dental Phobia Certified dentist Click Here to verify.

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