All on Four Implants: The best alternative to complete Dentures 

By City Bridge Dental & Implant Clinic 

In the past, there were few options available for people who had lost most or all of their teeth. However, in recent years, the creation of dental implants has revolutionised dentistry and offers a fantastic long-term treatment to those with tooth loss. 

One technique that is rising in popularity is the full-arch implant, otherwise known as All on Four dental implants, which can replace an entire mouth of teeth. 

In this blog, Mark Aston, Implant expert at City Bridge Dental, answers the most commonly asked questions about full-jaw implant treatments. 

What are All on Four dental implants? 

The ‘All on Four’ implant is a pioneering treatment that uses four implants, which are imbedded into the jaw bone, to fix a full bridge of natural looking teeth to the jaw. For those with many missing or failing teeth, this is more cost-effective than multiple implants and, in some cases, can be carried out in just one sitting.

Excitingly, this solution means that patients can regain a natural looking smile that looks and functions just like real teeth. 

The treatment is highly reliable and studies have shown that dental implants have up to a 95% success rate.

What are the benefits of full-jaw implants?

Unlike dentures, implants are fixed to the jaw. This means that they are very stable and comfortable, allowing you to do everything you can do with natural teeth. There is no need to alter your diet to compensate for dental implants, so you can enjoy all of the foods you did before. Patients generally find that implants allow them to talk, laugh and smile more easily than dentures.

Most importantly, dental implants will help you maintain your jaw bone, which naturally weakens when you have teeth missing. This will help you keep your natural jaw and face shape.  

What happens during treatment? 

The procedure for All on Four dental implants is minimally invasive. On the day of the surgery, the dentist will extract any remaining teeth and will place the implants. They will then fit the patients with a custom-made temporary bridge, which is attached to the dental implants. This leaves patients with a brand new set of natural-looking teeth in just one day. 

Once the implants have integrated into the bone, the patient will be given a second appointment to fit a tailor-made permanent bridge of teeth, giving them a smile to last a lifetime. 

In some more difficult cases, a patient may need more implants or bone grafting for successful treatment. If this is the case, treatment may need to take place over multiple sittings to ensure implant success. 

What should I look for in an All on Four treatment provider? 

It is important to seek out an expert dentist, experienced in this treatment. When appraising providers, you should look for a highly trained implant dentist who uses high quality materials. 

At City Bridge Dental, our implant dentists, Nick Ross and Mark Astonhave a high level of training and expertise. Consequently, City Bridge can treat patients who may have been told by other dentists that dental implants are not suitable for them. 

What aftercare is required for full-arch implant treatments? 

Day to day, implants are taken care of in the same way as natural teeth through an oral healthcare routine of brushing and flossing. 

All reputable implant specialists will offer an aftercare scheme, including regular check-ups, to ensure that your dental implants last a lifetime. 

What alternative treatments are available?

If you are looking for a removable alternative, implant-retained dentures offer a good solution. This sees the installation of dental implants, which act as artificial roots for dentures. These are made in a way that allows patients to click their dentures on and off, making them easy to remove when needed. 

In addition to getting rid of the need for denture adhesives, implant-retained dentures are more stable than traditional dentures, improving a patient’s speech and ability to chew. This treatment tends to be less expensive than traditional implants and has a faster recovery time, but still requires some of the lifestyle changes associated with dentures. 

What if I only need to replace a few teeth?

If you have several teeth missing but want to keep your remaining teeth, you might want to consider multiple-teeth implants. Using similar techniques to All on Four, your dentist will install one or several implants, topped with a multiple-tooth bridge. Find out more by visiting our page on multiple teeth dental implants. 

Both Nick and Mark at City Bridge Dental are highly-qualified implant dentistsGet in touch today to find out how they could help you achieve a beautiful smile.

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