Scared of the dentist? Soothe dental phobia with conscious sedation 

By City Bridge Dental & Implant Clinic 

For some people, visiting the dentist even for a routine check-up can be a major source of anxiety. When that visit involves dental injections and surgery, the prospect can be so terrifying that patients might even put off essential treatment at the expense of their own health.

However, there are alternatives to spending your entire appointment with your heart in your mouth. If psychological and breathing techniques just won’t go far enough, City Bridge Dental Care can provide an ideal medical option to help soothe dental phobia.

Conscious sedation is a safe and effective means of reducing anxiety during dental procedures. The sedation produces a deep sense of relaxation and sleepiness, making you feel much more comfortable. Unlike general anaesthesia, you will stay awake during the procedure. However, the state induced by this technique is often called ‘Twilight sleep’ as the process has amnesiac effects, which leaves you unable to remember much about it afterwards. Staying awake, in a very chilled out state, also allows you to stay in control during the procedure, as you are able to communicate with your dentist at all times.

Conscious sedation is suitable for most people, including some who have pre-existing health conditions, and works for a wide variety of dental procedures, so it poses a real option for dental phobics. As with any minor procedure involving sedation or anaesthetic, you will need to give yourself time to recover from the procedure. It is important to be driven home by a responsible adult and rest for the remainder of the day. This treatment has proved highly popular at City Bridge.

And for those still daunted by the prospect, all conscious sedation at City Bridge Dental Care is performed by our expert dental practitioners Nick and Mark, who are both highly trained in the techniques. With over 35 years of experience between them, both dentists know how to put nervous patients at ease, so you can feel confident every step of the way.

Whether you’ve been putting off that vital dental work or you just want to make the experience more positive, get in touch to see if conscious sedation is suitable for you.

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