How City Bridge could help you with your dental phobia

By City Bridge Dental & Implant Clinic 

According to a YouGov survey, 12 per cent of adults would rather hold a tarantula than sit in a dentist’s chair and King’s College London confirms those with a severe fear of the dentist are more likely to have tooth decay or missing teeth.

At City Bridge Dental, we are determined to ease the anxieties of nervous clients and those with dental phobia. Bernice Read, our Patient Care Coordinator, answers some of the questions we get from new patients about how we can help with dental phobia.

Is City Bridge Dental suitable for those with dental phobia?

“Yes! We have a variety of processes in place to help those with dental phobia. All of the staff at City Bridge dental are friendly, professional and happy to make adjustments to help those with dental anxiety. Additionally, Mark Aston, our Partner, is a Dental Phobia certified dentist.”

I’ve got a phobia of the dentist and I’m worried about visiting the practice. Is there anything you can do to help?

“We aim to settle the nerves of every patient from the moment they step into the practice. This process starts with their very first visit to us. All patients coming to the practice for the first time will meet with me, the Patient Care Coordinator, to discuss the treatment they require and any anxieties or concerns. This gives them space to talk about their fears and ways in which they have sought to cope with them in the past. This helps us ensure we can make their visits as comfortable as possible.”

“Once we have established their needs, we give them a tour of the practice and introduce them to their dentist before any treatment takes place. This gives all our patients the opportunity to ask questions and familiarise themselves with the practice.”

I worry about attending appointments. What can you do to help?  

“You are not alone – many patients find sitting in the dentist’s chair particularly daunting. Consequently, City Bridge has a lot of options available to help patients feel more comfortable. Patients can enjoy their own music and DVDs whilst undergoing treatment, and we use pioneering technologies such as ‘Single Tooth Anaesthesia’ system (STA), commonly known as ‘the wand’, which guarantees virtually pain-free injections. Additionally, conscious sedation for nervous patients allows stress and anxiety free dentistry. It is safe, simple and extremely effective.”

“It is also our goal to ensure that they meet with the same dentist each appointment. In addition to offering continuity of care, this means you know what to expect when attending your appointment and your can build up a positive relationship with your dentist. We also do our best to ensure patients are seen quickly to reduce the time they have to worry about their appointment.”

I’m worried about going through treatment. Is there anyone I can talk to about this?

“As the Patient Care Coordinator, I am there for patients every step of the way as they go through treatment, from planning to completion. If patients have any treatment concerns or anxieties at any point in the process, they’re always welcome to contact me for support. I will work closely with your dentist to ensure you are comfortable every step of the way.”

Do you have dental phobia and think City Bridge might be right for you? Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help.

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